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I teach pre-service teachers the subject New Technologies Applied to Education. Something I think is very important is to be coherent, I mean, to offer my students the kind of teaching I’m asking them to do with their students. I believe learning is more meaningful when it is based on the interests of the learner, teachers should be there to scaffold the process of learning and that assessment should be done on a variety of semiotic resources produced by the students. The more varied they are, the more information teachers will have to revise their pedagogical designs. This semester, instead of teaching traditional classes, I’m taking questions to theoretical classes.

Class discussion of the suject's bibliography

Class discussion of the suject's bibliography

My students work in groups and talk about the reading assigned to every class to produce a discussion report. At the end of the class, we have an open discussion, then I take the reports home and read and comment them. In the laboratory, they are being introduced to the development of educational webpages, blogs and multimedia educational resources. This way, I try to assure the production of digital and non digital evidences of learning and to make them not only do things with technology, but also to reflect on the “why” and “how” to do it.

Introduction to web design in the laboratory

Introduction to web design in the laboratory

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing them work, discussing the texts read or making decisions on their web projects. Many of the students begin the subject feeling insecure of their technical abilities or not totally convinced of the subject usefulness. It is rewarding to see them making progress each week and to move away from common knowledge such as “it is important to teach with technology” to being able to express ideas which defend the integration of technology, pedagogy and the curriculum. I really have a great time with them.


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