Accepted for publication =)

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Hi there!!!

This morning the first mail was of good news: a paper my colleague and friend Eliana had been working for a long time was finally accepted for publication. It is so cool to see the work you have done become public. Sharing is an important part of the job and a very important one if we are talking about improving our won teaching and teacher education too. I will leave you with the abstract and add the reference to my list of publishing as soon as it is available.

Early childhood student teachers’ observation and experimentation of creative practices as a design processes.

Janaina Minelli de Oliveira, Eliana E. Gallardo-Echenique

NAER, New Approaches in Educational Research

Accepted for publication =)

In this paper, we address the guidance of student teachers in initial training in schools as an invaluable opportunity to raise creative learning awareness. The objective of this present research is to develop guidance strategies in the identification of creative practices and in the analysis of that moment as a “way of knowing”. We analyze how to mentor future teachers so they feel willing to promote student engagement and creative thinking through their own practices.  We adopted a case study approach guided by multimodal principles. We found that a triangulation of individual interviews, focus group discussions and diary of class observation was a useful strategy in the guidance of student teachers in initial training in schools. Results show these strategies allowed them to become more accepting of unpredicted or undesired results, as they approached their sessions’ designs as forms of experimentation. We argue it is essential to guide future educators in the critical analysis of the “standard classroom”, helping them design creative alternatives through collaborative experimentation.


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