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Future Educators’ Explaning Voices

So that future educators are able to elaborate a professional identity which encompasses the pedagogical uses of technology among their range of ordinary duties, their educators should provide them with an environment that favors enough flexibility to self expression and serve as a meta-exercise, through which future educators can elaborate new appreciations of the role of teachers and the purposes of education in the digital age. Guiding students in the understanding of their own voices can be an exercise that leads to the development of a more critical and reflexive professional identity.

Higher education professionals and researchers should not take for granted that as students live surrounded by technology, using them on a daily basis, they should have favorable perceptions on their educational use. Whatever level of familiarity future educators have with technology when they come to the university, they also bring some preconceptions and misconceptions on what literacy means and on what are the means of literacy. It is important to bridge students’ previous knowledge, which is both technical but also philosophical, regarding technologies to richer levels of understanding of the role of twentieth first century educators. Podcasts seem to offer a tool just as good to build such a bridge.

de Oliveira, J., Buenestado, P. & Camacho, M. (2013). Future Educators’ Explaning Voices. In Proceedings of IADS Mobiles Learning. (pp. 143-147). Lisboa: IADIS.


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Get ready for what is coming up!

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The Aston University Postgraduate Conference

On June 6th and 7th the Aston University organized a postgraduate conference on CDA. We were around 70 people, 25 of us presenting papers. I really had a very good time there and would specially like to thank professors Carmen and Malcolm for the kind welcome. I was glad to have the opportunity of meeting people working on their CDA Phds. It felt really cool having researchers like Norman, Teun and Ruth listening to us, there making questions and participating with young researchers. I took my camera with me and made a video. Please keep in mind it was the first time I used the camera and the first video I edited. I wish I had been able to have us all included, but that was what i could do with my expertise. Hope you enjoy it!

Also check Daniel’s pics. A precious perspective on those intensive days 🙂

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